Battle Royale: Vampires vs. Werewolves

It is a battle as old as time... or the mid 2000s... whichever. Vampires vs Werewolves. More specifically, who is the baddest of the bad? Who puts fear in your heart? Who do you love to watch movies or read books about?

In short, which side are you on? The Glass House Press authors chimed in and firmly planted themselves on a team. Which one will be the definitive winner? Keep reading to find out.

#TeamVampire or #TeamWerewolf

1.Being immortal is overrated. The werewolves usually age.
2. I like going out in the sun. 
3. I LOVE dogs  
And 4. I was very much #TeamJacob so.... yeah :) I enjoy vampires but I'm totally on the wolves side!

Vampires. Because they're immortal and intelligent. And they don't forget who they are and go on a rampage just because the moon's out.

#TeamWerewolf although I do adore and own all the Underworld movies. I love the movie Wolfman. But I'm so done with vampire books (except I loved reading The Strain). Vampire overload, I guess. 

I'm team Werewolf all the way. Why? There's just something about shedding your humanity to devolve into a snarling, wild animal with big teeth that stands out to me. I think the lore surrounding Werewolves is every bit as intriguing as anything you get from vampire lore.  Plus, Robert McCammon's epic masterpiece, The Wolf's Hour, is about werewolves and is probably one of the greatest book's I've ever read.  I have yet to come across a vampire story that even holds a candle to it.  

I've got to go Vampires. They get Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Carrey, Tom Hiddleston, Bill Nighly, and Kate Beckinsale, just to name a few. And when it's time for you to die, it's Kristy Swanson, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, and Wesley Snipes coming for you. Werewolves pretty much just have fleas. Also, an afterlife of regret and insatiable hunger seems like something I've got coming to me.

Super strength, immortality, hypnosis, flying, and a killer diet! Plus, I think I look thinner in black.

I'm going with werewolves only if I have the power the change when they like (is that cheating?).  So if we're talking Twilight Werewolves I'm going down that road.  Honestly the thought of giving up garlic (which I love), sleeping in a coffin (which doesn't appeal to me in the least) and dressing up all the time (vampires always appear to dress up even in informal occasions) is too much to handle. Don't even get me started on their diet (who just wants to drink blood?). Vampires also appear very conservative and I'm more in line with moderate political views (live and let live).  

I get the feeling that werewolves wear jeans, comfortable flannel shirts, watch a lot of football and eat junk food when they're not hunting (and don't have to worry about the calories because I'll burn them off at night when I go for long wooded hikes).  That seems pretty appealing to me.  

Tough call. Vampires can transform into bats and fly, which would be awesome, but you have to drink blood. Not awesome. At least as a werewolf you can be normal most of the time. And Michael J. Fox did make it look like fun (really dating myself here). So I'll go with the wolf!

#TeamWerewolf, all the way, and I actually have this nailed down in case the zombie apocalypse happens when I’m not looking. Vampires are FULL of drawbacks. First of all they may or may not be faster than anything else—but is that really a positive, when it comes to fighting a war? And second, all the ways to kill them! Garlic, check. Stakes, check. Take them out during the daylight, and they’re done for. What kills werewolves? Nothing. So they win this contest, easy peasy.

I’m also a sucker for dogs, so…


SO... in a surprising vote of 3 to 6... WEREWOLVES win!

Who saw that coming?

Which side do you vote for? Are you #TeamVampire or #TeamWerewolf? State your case in the comments.


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