All We Want For Christmas-- The Dreamer Edition


Let's face it--being an adult is hard. You have to worry about bills, making lists and actually completing the tasks on them, wearing real pants... AND, during this time of year, you have to reach way back into your mind palace and try desperately to remember what your Great Aunt Doris likes (cause if you don't she will give you the evil eye at every family gathering from now until the end of eternity #TheStruggleIsReal).

But that doesn't even scratch the surface, b/c there's a more important question to be asking yourself. What about you? Yes, YOU, dear reader. What do you want Santa to bring you? Because even if we're playing adults, we still all have secret Christmas lists on the mind!

This is the question we posed to the GHP authors and staff ... with ONE stipulation. The wish/want had to be BIG! Oh, and it had to be tangible. Sort of.

Mary Fan (GHP Author)

"An all-expenses paid week-long retreat to a cabin in the woods by a lake... with food already stocked... and no wifi to distract me. And by food, I mean chocolate, wine, popcorn, and beer. And maybe a few nutritious things too so I don't die of malnutrition." (For the record, this answer basically won. We all voted that we wanted to join her.)

Linda Foster (GHP Author)

"New couches. Sorry I'm being practical lol."

George Ebey (GHP Author)

"Tickets to see this. I'm sure I'll see it before Christmas but tickets to see it again wouldn't hurt."

R.K. Brainerd (GHP Author)
"Mary stole mine! But my retreat needs to be at a castle in Ireland or that glass igloo where you can watch the northern lights.

... Or to be original, 1000 acres of free protected forest land with farming land connected to it that I can protect forever and ever and have goats (on the farming land, obviously)."

Kimberly Mitchell  (GHP Author)
"A new president elect, and an around the world ticket and a year to travel."

J. David Wilcox (GHP Author)
"Can I take a knee that can play soccer without pain? If not, I'll take a snowboarding vacation at some swanky cabin with all my adult friends. Sorry kiddos! Third option: fully equipped Tesla model X."

Ula Ušeničnik (GHP Staff)
"A gigantic meteor."

Lindsay Graham (GHP Staff)

"There's too many things on my list that I believe Santa can't deliver."

Carrie White-Parrish (GHP Staff)
"Boxing gloves... And I'm adding to my wish because obviously I didn't ask for a big enough thing. Additions: a new horse. And a 2016 Austin Martin Vanquish in red."

Richard Schall  (GHP Author)
"I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!"

Shanna Alderliesten (GHP Staff)
"Free wifi? I haven't had wifi since August and it's getting on my nerves because I'm running out of hotspot at the most inconvenient times." 

Sonya Craig (GHP Author)
"Cars for my girls, used but ones they like. Theirs are beat up pretty bad. And for universities to have more affordable tuition."

Kelly Martin (GHP Staff)
"I want a box that every time you open it, there is a thousand dollars inside... and you can open it as many times as you want a day... AND (unlike the Monkey Claw movie or THE BOX movie) no one dies or gets hurt because of my magical money box. I'll take it in red, please. ;)"

So what about you, readers? What big cool thing would you LOVE to have for the holidays? Think outside the box (so to speak) and leave a comment! We can't promise that we'll be delivering anything come Christmas ... but you never know!

ALSO, in case you haven't heard, Glass House Press is playing Santa this year! We're partnering with White Rabbit Book Design (@whiterabbitbookdesign) Inkstain Interior Book Designing (@InkstainInteriorBookDesigning), and Eleven&Co (@Elevenandcompany) for #GHPitch, a pitch party/contest/all-around awesome party this holiday season! For more details, click HERE.

Love, the Glass House fam

#GHPitch Announcement

GH Plays Santa This Year!!!


Okay! So we've been promising big news, and I know we're ridiculously late getting to it, but we were still getting things prepared! Are you ready? ARE YOU READY? Because here it comes ...

Glass House has a few very special announcements to make. First and foremost, we're ridiculously excited to announce Eleven&Company, Glass House's newest sibling, an editing, consulting, and eventually even more boutique headed by the publishers and editors at Glass House Press. Eleven is going to be specializing in all levels of editing, book shepherding, and consulting for authors who want to work with professional publishers--on their own terms. This is something we've been playing with for the last six months or so, and we're SO EXCITED to finally bring it out.

And since we're so excited, we decided we'd do a little something more, which brings me to the second part of our announcement: WE'RE RUNNING A CONTEST!!!! As a way of getting Eleven (@elevenandcompany) off to the perfect start, and encouraging everyone who's been doing #NaNoWriMo, Glass House and its good friends White Rabbit Book Design (@whiterabbitbookdesign) and Inkstain Interior Book Designing (@InkstainInteriorBookDesigning) are proud to announce #GHPitch, a pitch party/contest/all-around awesome party this holiday season. 

The dates: December 1 to January 31
The rules: We want to see your #NaNoWriMo projects!!!! Give us your best 250-word elevator pitch via Twitter (@glasshousepress) using #GHPitch, and email the elevator pitch and the synopsis of your manuscript, plus the first five pages. We'll be doing two rounds of judging, with our Top 20 going into the second round and a Top 5, with one winner, in February and March!
The prizes: ALL CONTESTANTS will receive a critique and advice on their elevator pitch, with notes from GH publisher Carrie White-Parrish about how to get more attention. Our Top 5 will receive memes and Eleven critiques of their manuscripts. Second place will receive Eleven's help on a query letter, plus a coupon for formatting from Inkstain. The winner will receive an author logo from White Rabbit, a title page from Inkstain, and a full edit from Eleven.

We're playing Santa this holiday season, and we're so excited that it's hard to even type this announcement! Official contest rules and contact links will go up on the GH site today, and we'll be collecting submissions starting Thursday! #NaNoWriMo-ers (and anyone else who wants to enter, really), get those elevator pitches ready, because Christmas is coming early this year!

Love, Carrie White-Parrish and the GH Fam (plus Eleven!) 


Carrie's Vacation Reviews

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Carrie's vacation reviews! Since last year, I've been taking some time to sit down and review the books I read while on vacation, and this year is no different--though I'm sorry to say I didn't have as much time for reading as I thought I would on this vacation. I mean I certainly PACKED with the intention to read.

                                  (and this doesn't even include what I'd loaded onto my Kindle...)

I also, while unpacking, realized that my OCD had played a large part in my choices. Which is happening to me a lot lately.

                                        (I swear I didn't pack only black books on purpose...)

But all that aside, we were in Monterey and San Luis Obispo, and I ... just didn't read as much as I expected to. I was, frankly, a little busy staring at my surroundings, going to see otters in the wild, touring wineries and vineyards, going to Hurst castle (again!), hanging out in downtown San Luis Obispo, discovering and falling in love with AN OLIVE OIL BAR (seriously, we were doing shots of olive oil and it was the best thing ever), and taking drives along the coast.

 (one of my favorite reading spots, because the view)

Seriously, when you have scenery like that around you, you spend a lot of time sitting there with a book in your lap, staring at the ocean or the view instead! BUT I did manage to get into three books, and they were good ones. So here we go!

The Truth About Alice: This is a book that somehow ended up on my Kindle--I don't know how--and that I, for some reason, started reading our first night away. All completely unintentional. And it was ... absolutely phenomenal. This isn't the sort of book I normally read. I'm more of a fantasy fan myself, b/c I like my reading to be an escape--not about issues. I'm not really sure HOW I came by this book, but once I started it, I didn't want to stop. It was both painful and horrifying, but at the same time completely truthful--and a stark characterization at how easily and quickly gossip can get out of control. I found the use of different points of view to be exactly perfect in this book, and was impressed at how even the would-be villains of the story became sympathetic characters, with their own lists of issues and difficulties. In the end, I wanted the book to continue, and was very sorry to let go of the characters. Very, very well done.

Three Dark Crowns: This was a book that had been recommended to me by some people who I very much respect, so I was all over it when it first released. This was a tricky one for me, though, and I ended up not giving it a star rating at all, partially b/c I'm still carrying on a silent protest against GR for not giving us more options for half-points! This was a solid 3.5 for me, because it did some of the things I dislike the most in books that encompass a large world: It didn't spend enough time on the world itself, or on developing the characters. This is a BIG BIG CONCEPT, and I was literally drooling to understand more of the world, how it came to be that way, what the rules were, and the biggest question of all--WHY. Felt a lot like I had stumbled into the second book of a series, where the first book built the world and characters, and the second book depended on the reader coming in with that knowledge in hand. I also wanted more from the characters, who were a bit flat to me.

That said, this truly is a phenomenal world, and the concept is so dark and twisty that I can't help but love it. And the ending--wow. I did NOT see that coming, but the author did a phenomenal job of building up to it, so that once you got there, you realized that there had been ALL THE SIGNS, and you'd just missed them. So kudos on that.

Will I be buying the next book? Yes. Do I hope it does more building out of the world, and differentiation between the characters? Absolutely. B/c this is a world and a concept that deserves it.

I also started Aerie while I was gone, and it's ... predictably fantastical and confusing all at once. I'm still working on that one, though, so you'll have to wait for a review. To see all my reviews--and what I'm currently reading (probably about twenty books at any given time), check out my GR timeline at I always check my mail there, so if you have thoughts about books or want to dish about what's coming out, drop me a line! And GIVE ME BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS. I have another week off coming up at the end of December, and if there's something I absolutely have to read, I want to know about it!

Until next time, Glass Housers, happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you're all staying warm out there!

Carrie White-Parrish 
and the GH Fam 


So, in case you haven't heard, Americans (some of them) went to the polls Tuesday and elected a new President of the United States. One of the best things that came out of the election was the hashtag #YAtheVote where people changed the titles of awesome YA books into more awesome election books. For example:

Here are our favorites from our GHP authors. Some are from twitter. Some are from facebook. All are for fun.

And from 
Lord of the Votes: The Trump Towers
Fahrenheit 45
His Dark Materials: The Golden Wig

Harry Pot-stirrer. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Lies

Mr. Trump's Home of Peculiar Republicans
Go Ask Alice How She Felt

The Fault in Our Electoral College
The Election That Split The World
The Mystery of Hollow Promises
13 Reasons Why (I Moved To Canada)
If I Stay (In the US, It's To Start The Resistance)
Red King


Can you #YAtheVote?

Leave a comment with your favorites or one of your own. We'd love to see it.


Meet Our New Author-- R. K. Brainerd

We are so excited at Glass House, because we've just signed on an amazing new author! Her book is scheduled to come out Fall 2018, and is steampunk meets fairy tales ... with conspiracy theories mixed in for awesomeness, and of course a kickass heroine!

Our new author Rebekkah recently sat down and answered ten questions (plus a bonus round), including things like what one thing she's not afraid of--that most people are--and what she likes to munch on when she's writing. For a little insight into the new member of the family, read on!

1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I feel like I've always created stories in my head, but it wasn't until I was 11 or 12 that I started writing them down. It started as pretending that my consciousness would travel to another world at night, and every morning I'd write down what adventures happened there. (Does anybody remember the lego toys Bionicles? Yeah. I was a new character: Toa Galru.) 

It was a few years later that I started writing original content: a series about a girl who was actually a dragon in human form... but it wasn't until my late teens that it actually hit me to publish. It took me a few years to really query seriously (college takes all your time, you know), and then I ended up putting my dragon series on the back burner for the series GHP is publishing, simply because it's better written and is a little more marketable. 

2. What is your favorite genre to write? 

Definitely fantasy. Not only have I always had a love for it, but there's just something that's found in the speculative genres that satisfies something deep inside me. Also, fantasy (reading and writing) was something my dad and I used to talk about and connect over. So there's a big nostalgia part there too. 

3. What 5 words would you use to describe your new book? 

I suppose it would be... Girl Changes Supernatural Politics Forever. 

4. Tell us about your book.

This book is set in an alternate reality, very Steampunk-esque, in a world where magic is considered a conspiracy theory and relegated to fairy tales. Fairian, my cranky heroine, is determined to find the truth about magic--because years before our book starts, she and her sister were  kidnapped by dark creatures, and her sister was killed. Fairian knows there's more to it than anyone is telling her. At the beginning of the book, her family has moved to a new city, and she ends up discovering one of the most powerful creatures on the planet. She's convinced that he has the answers she seeks--but he won't tell her anything. And the battle of wills begins. 

Of course this is fiction, though, and he fails that battle. Eventually--eventually!--he starts letting her in and teaching her. From there... well, Fairian is set to change the course of supernatural power politics forever. And you'll just have to read the book and find out what that means! 

And if you're curious about how this book came to be ... well, that has an interesting backstory.

This series actually started as an interplay between my two characters, Fairian and Daimyn. I was about 14 when they first showed up, and I had no idea what world they were in or what their purpose was. But I couldn't stop writing their interactions. 

Then my father challenged me by saying that all characters had to have a weakness. So I set out to create a character with no weaknesses (thought now in the book I'm pretty much building him his weakness, but we won't talk about that). And that's how Daimyn began. 

Fairian developed almost without me having to think about it. She got my love of conspiracy theory, learning, and understanding how things work. I wanted to create new and interesting things and really get into the thick of it--but through her eyes rather than my own. 

The world they're in started from several points. One, I've always been fascinated by the disappearance of magical creatures in the Middle Ages. Since the time I was small, I've always created stories about where they went (my first series I wrote had them creating a parallel universe to jump to). For this one, I decided ... let's have a mass exodus of them all, maybe to another continent! Say, one where they can make a deal with the local inhabitants to shield them from the incoming invaders if they can stay?

From there, I discovered a theory that if the Americas hadn't been discovered when they were, then the rest of the world would have plunged into environmental distress due to overpopulation and disease. So I ran with it, creating an environmental collapse about a hundred years before my story takes place. 

Then I ran with the theory that there's only so much social power that one generation can use at a time. If all of the energy and change used during the Civil Rights Movement was dedicated to restoring the environment and learning to collaborate, would the Civil Rights Movement have happened at all? I decided for the hell of it, that no, it wouldn't. In the face of disaster, people cling to the familiar. So in this alternate history, people have healthy, sustainable ways of living--but women's and minority rights are dismal. Perceptions are only just starting to change, and that's a big theme in the story. 

And that is my book and its history in a nutshell. 
A very large nutshell. 
Yeesh, I write a lot. 

5. Do you have any quirks when you write? Eat a certain snack? Listen to a certain type of music?

I have a hard time keeping anything the same while writing. Location, position, music style, snacks--I usually have to switch things up every few writing sessions, or even sometimes during a writing sessions. I'll end up in the most bizarre positions to write! 

6. What is your favorite TV show at the moment? 

Oh, crud. This one is hard. Excluding my all-time favorites ... and shows I will love forever because of nostalgia ... and shows I've recently gotten into but haven't stood the test of time ... probably Sherlock. Excellent characters, great mystery, quirky fun, fun plot, women power, guys that are easy on the eyes--what more do you need? (Besides more of the actual show, dang it.)

7. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Buh. This one is impossible! But probably ... How to Train Your Dragon

8. What is something that most people seem afraid of, that you aren't? 

Heights. Spiders. Over the summer my family and I were rebuilding a house, and I'd always volunteer for the high ladder jobs. My mother, fiance, and best friend would stare at me and shudder as I hung out awkwardly about 20 feet in the air to get that one thing... yeah. Heights don't bother me at all. 

Also, spiders get escorted out of the house, and I think some of them are actually pretty cute. Especially jumping spiders. They're so tiny, with their tiny little legs and big eyes! The other day, however, I did come across a GIANT spider. I had no idea how it got into my house, and it definitely wasn't a daddy long-legs. I did feel a little shudder for that one, so I think I understand what it feels like to not like spiders! 

9. Halloween was last week. Did you dress up?

I did! But not actually on Halloween. A weird quirk of the universe made it so we didn't do anything then. But a few nights before, we went to a show for a local band, and I dressed up as a dragon in human form. Ergo, I put on everything that I own with dragons on it. Which is actually a lot. 

10. What is your favorite color? 

Blue. All of the blue! Though green follows pretty closely, and then red and purple... I despise yellow. And light orange. Dark orange is fine. 

BONUS speed round:

Dogs or cats -

Goats! (They're like cat-dogs. It works, I swear.)

Past or future - 


Winter or summer - 

Crap. Spring? Oh fine. Probably summer. The leaving of the light really kills all my energy (it's kicking my butt this year!). 

Scary book or funny book - 

Funny, definitely funny. I don't need more nightmares! (I have the most impressionable mind ever, ugh.)

Halloween or Valentine's Day - 


Shout out to one person who helped you in this publishing journey. 

Only ONE!? That's like saying shout out to one food that keeps us alive. Eek!

... But if I have to, I think I'd have to say my fiance. Not only is he incredibly supportive, but over the past year he's given me the time and ability to really focus on my writing, building an author platform, and querying. It's because of how hard he works that I was able to make this all happen. 

R.K. Brainerd has been writing since her pre-teens, mostly in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi. Her characters are pretty much always clamoring for attention in her head, and if she doesn't listen to them, they plague her with insane dreams and nightmares until she does start writing. She also raises dairy goats, the evidence of which can be found on her Instagram. She's just recently began her foray into the writing world, and looks forward to it all with devilish glee.