GHP Counts Down to Summer! - featuring PT McHugh

Just like everyone else (except publisher and GH owner Carrie White-Parrish), the blog took last Monday off to enjoy the unofficial/official start of summer with Memorial Day, and to remember those who have lost their lives in service to our country. But now we’re back and happy to say … IT’S SUMMER!!! OFFICIALLY AND FINALLY! I mean not that we actually get to take the entire summer off like some people (ahem, Linda Foster), though we DO intend to enjoy every bit of sunshine and warm weather over the next three months. So it’s time to kick back, have a frozen drink, and enjoy a good book while we forget about our pesky, never-ending TO DO list.

One of our last authors in our summer countdown series is PT McHugh. Patrick is ready to get his second book, Rebel, out the door and kick off summer, margarita in hand. Read on to learn what he’s looking forward to this summer!

What is the THE event that you’re most looking forward to this summer?

Vacationing in Hawaii. Ever since I was young and saw reruns of the Brady Bunch, I’ve wanted to go there. And now my dream will be completed (not sure why I waited this long to go).

Where do you live? Describe this winter in your area in three words.

Moved back to Northern California a couple of years ago, from North Carolina. Not sure why I ever left. Winter in three words or less; wet, cool, perfect.

What do you hope to accomplish in your writing over the long summer days?

Honestly the second book has taken longer than the first. I’m ready to get this book out the door! We’re also working on a novella that we started, stopped, started again, and then put down about three years ago. It’s time for that little story (about Reis and how it all began!) to see the light!

What trend or catch-phrase are you going to start this summer?

Rebel is about to be released! Does that count? Maybe not, but it’s still true!

What is the BEST summer story from when you were a kid?

Going to A&W to eat in the car with my parents and then going to the drive-in movie theatre. Best time ever. Too bad most drive-ins have gone away. It’s one of my favorite memories from when I was young, and honestly it feels like a shame that kids these days don’t get to experience it.

What is the WORST summer story from when you were a kid?

Back to school clothes shopping.

Summer blockbuster you are most looking forward to watching and why:

Dunkirk looks amazing. I’m a history buff at heart, and I cannot wait for this movie to come out.

Rapid Fire Questions:

The All-Time Best Song of Summer is: Summer Nights by Van Halen. (Not their best song, but for me that song reminds me of summer.)

Your Summer Guilty Pleasure: Margaritas.

Daylight Savings Time for Summer: yes or no? Yes.

Beach or Mountains? Beach (only because I hate bugs).

Swimsuits: yes or no? Of course.

Sandals or Bare Feet? Sandals (sensitive feet).

Ice Cream or Popsicles? Ice Cream.

Memorial Day or Independence Day? The 4th of course.

Put these words in order: Swimming, Baseball, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Air Conditioning, Vacation

Air Conditioning, Vacation, Swimming, Baseball, Ice cream.

Sum up Summer 2017 in five words: Closer to football season.

Learn more about PT McHugh and his books by visiting his website and following him on social media!

Twitter: PatrickMcHugh4

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