A Halloween Q and A with GHP's Very Own "Bloody Mary"

If you follow Mary Fan on twitter (and you seriously should), you may have noticed that recently she has gotten into the Halloween spirit and become... Bloody Mary.

This was something GHP's Kelly Martin didn't know until she was innocently scrolling through her twitter feed and LOW AND BEHOLD... there was this picture. It is a bit like Samara and the Bloody Mary girl from Supernatural. In a good way...

It being Halloween week, GHP decided to reach out and ask Mary (Mary Fan... not Bloody Mary cause EEP!) some questions about why she loves Halloween, creepy books, and all things awesome. You are in for a treat!


1) Mary, you scared poor Kelly Martin when she saw your 'Bloody Mary' picture on twitter. Is Halloween a fun holiday for you?

MUAHAHAHAHA!!! *takes a bow* I love a good spook... well, being the one doing the spooking, that is ;-). I definitely love Halloween... love dressing up, love creeping people out now and then, love an excuse to eat as much candy as I want! 

Funny thing is, I'm actually a complete scaredy cat. I hate carnival-type haunted houses and find it bizarre that people would intentionally get scared (on the other hand, I love being the person DOING the scaring!). But there's something about the overall Halloween spirit that I'm just addicted to... creepy creatures, autumn leaves, crumbling structures. Maybe that's why so many Halloween-y elements ended up in THE FIREDRAGON novellas. I didn't set out to write Halloween stories, but when you've got a story about a girl who fights monsters and ghosts, it's bound to end up that way.

2) If you could only watch one Halloween movie (a scary movie OR a movie like Hocus Pocus) for the rest of your days, which one would you choose and why?

Not sure if this counts as a Halloween movie, but my pick is The Others. It's technically a horror movie, but it's so beautifully made that oftentimes, I forget. Not that it isn't plenty creepy... it's got a haunted house, swirling mist, and perpetual darkness. But it's also a character study--Nicole Kidman's character is very well-developed, as are the two kids. And the aesthetic is just gorgeous, with the haunting music and creeptastic atmosphere.

3) If you could write a book about any paranormal legend in the world, what would it be?

The legends surrounding the Woman in White has always fascinated me. There are so many variations and versions that you could really have fun with it and make it your own. I especially find it interesting that so many cultures came up with the idea of a Woman in White ghost independently... Though I guess it's not surprising, since there's something about a woman wearing all white that's inherently ghostly. You know what would be cool? A story that tied them all together... Where it's all the same woman in different contexts... hmmm, now you've got me plotting...

4) What are you dressing up as this year?

I have this gorgeous Padme costume that I want to wear--it's the rainbow dress from Episode 2. But it's so long and delicate that I'm terrified that someone will step on the train, or that I'll spill food on it or something. So I'm going to save it for Star Wars Celebration (which is what I originally intended it for) and just wear one of my many Venetian-style masks (what, doesn't everyone have a collection of those in their closet?). Also, how nerdy does it make me that when I think dress-up, I think of cosplay at conventions first, and Halloween second!

5) Trick or Treat?

No treat... only TRICK!!!! Just kidding! That's a line from The Halloween Tree, an operatic adaptation of Ray Bradbury's children's book by the same name that I'm currently in the chorus for. I love handing out treats. :-)


Mary Fan is a sci-fi/fantasy writer hailing from Jersey City, NJ. She is the author of the Jane Colt sci-fi series, which comprises ARTIFICIAL ABSOLUTES (Red Adept Publishing, 2013), SYNTHETIC ILLUSIONS (Red Adept Publishing, 2014), and VIRTUAL SHADOWS. Her works also include several young adult fantasy novellas: THE FIREDRAGON (Glass House Press, 2014), FIREDRAGON RISING (Glass House Press, 2015), TELL ME MY NAME (Glass House Press, 2014), and LET ME FLY FREE (Glass House Press, 2016). These serve as prequels to two full-length series currently under contract with Glass House Press, Flynn Nightsider and Fated Stars.

In addition, Mary is the co-editor (along with fellow sci-fi author Paige Daniels) of BRAVE NEW GIRLS: Tales of Girls and Gadgets, a young adult sci-fi anthology about brainy heroines. All revenues will be donated to a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers.

Mary has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember and especially enjoys the infinite possibilities and out-of-this-world experiences of science fiction and fantasy. In her spare time (when she has any), she enjoys kickboxing, opera singing, and exploring new things—she'll try almost anything once.

Find Mary at:

Have a safe and happy Halloween,

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