Movies That Terrify Us!

Halloween is getting closer, so this week, we thought we'd share some of our favorite scary movies (well, most of us. Some of us don't like scary movies ;)--CARRIE. )

Below, find some scary movie recommendations from some of the GH family, including reviews and even thoughts on other options! Get into the comments to tell us what YOUR favorite scary movies are! (All movies are linked to Amazon for your viewing pleasure)


"What's your favorite scary movie?"

Casey during happier times. Scream (1996) Lionsgate Films

"A Nightmare on Elm Street. Why? A slasher that kills you in your sleep! It doesn't get much scarier than that." 

"My favorite scary movie is The Ring: Artsy and scary af!"

"Okay, not favorite in the sense I love it (I don't love scary movies. I'm a total baby when it comes to them) but best scary movie because it scares the crap out of me! Annabelle, I hate dolls! Chucky gave nightmares for years. And my sister liked to collect porcelain dolls that freaked me out. One talked, and it would randomly says very weird things. No dolls allowed in my house!"

"Hands down, my favorite scary movie is The Others, starring Nicole Kidman and directed by Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar. It's more of a psychological thriller than a horror movie; all chills and no gross-out stuff (I hate gross-out stuff). Also, it's a character examination against a spooky backdrop with some phenomenal acting. Not to mention all the creeptastic sets (the movie takes place in a remote manor in midcentury England) are absolutely beautiful. And the haunting soundtrack... This is the one scary movie I choose to watch over and over just because it's gorgeously made."

"For actual horror I'm tempted to say Army of Darkness or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil but those might count as comedy so maybe Event Horizon? Pandorum was a better movie but Event Horizon terrified me. I watched it as a teenager in the middle of the night at my friend's house when his family was out of town and it creeped us out so much we drove back to my house to sleep where we wouldn't be the first people to die."

"My favorite scary movie is Paranormal Activity. I love found footage films and my favorite ones are where I have to question it authenticity."

"The Thing: John Carpenter is one of my favorite horror film directors. The music along with Kurt Russel's acting, some slight humor and a great plot makes this movie an instant classic."


"Monsters INC. Yes, the Disney movie because I don't do scary movies!!! But Monsters has strange creatures popping in and out of closets so maybe that qualifies."

Did your favorite make our list? Leave a comment and tell us which scary movie we should watch this year. Next week, vampires vs. werewolves-the GH authors and editors duke it out in the age-old debate.

Until next week,
the GH family

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