StoryTime Updates

Okay here's the post we promised on Friday. I know it's late, I KNOW I KNOW. But Friday was ... hectic. To say the least.

Okay, StoryTime updates! First off, the date has been pushed back, for reasons beyond our control. The new date is April 8, and yes, that is the final and official and for-sure-it's-going-to-happen date. We'll still be doing all the good stuff -- the FB party, the release blitz, the reviews, the cover reveal, etc. We'll have details for all of that up on our FB page when we know it.

Second announcement: StoryTime has changed a bit since the last time we posted, and will now feature only Mary Fan (The Firedragon), and Linda Foster (Fallen Souls). We'll also ONLY be doing Linda Foster's Soul Bound cover reveal in the general party. Yes we're bummed about this too, but hey, that's publishing for you. Things change! 

Finally, we're super excited to announce a third aspect of the whole StoryTime thing. We already announced that we're going to be working with SDDAS Spirit Fund for donations from the StoryTime events. But we just inked a deal last week to include doing posts for the Spirit Fund, where we highlight certain dogs in their program, tell you how our donations are helping to fund their medical care, give updates on their progress, and provide details about possible adoption of these special dogs. We're really excited about this, since it combines two of our favorite things: Books and dogs. Who could ask for more? If we're LUCKY, we might be able to do some author appearances with the Spirit Fund at some point, and that will be even MORE fun.

In the meantime, it's all about the blogs. Bloggers, make sure you've got the most recent information on StoryTime, and have all the stuff you need. This is going to be a REALLY BIG PARTY.

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