How to Handle Your Editor

So over the weekend, my wonderful authors -- some of them -- gave me a present. And it gave me all the feels. I'd known about it for a couple days -- the idea that they were making something for me -- but I had no idea what it was. 

Honestly, I was kind of ... worried.

But as it turns out, they created the most charming 'book' for me, about how to handle your editor. Including pictures, tips, and even personal stories/inside jokes. I laughed. I cried. I took notes about what some of them have been doing in their free time. Like I said, it gave me all the feels. We then carried on a weekend-long mini FB party, including over 600 posts (at last count) on a comment thread. It was one of the most wonderful experiences ever, and truly confirmed Glass House's company philosophy: Authors and editors/publishers should be a family. The longer I'm in the business, the more I believe that, and I couldn't be luckier in my authors, because they believe it too.

Anyhow. Enough gushing. I told them that we would get it up on the site, and up on the site it goes. For your reading pleasure, we are going present Four, All in Tents, and Porpoises on the site. And you get ten points if you can guess what the title actually IS. =) 

Stay tuned ... 

And PS, yes there will be appropriate revenge coming from the GH offices. *evil laugh* 

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