Will Herr, gothic high fantasy author signed with GHP

Guys, guys! This is a VERY SHORT POST b/c we're just doing an update here BUT this is what happened yesterday ...

We signed a new author. That's right. The submissions queue was open for ... well actually it wasn't even open yet, and we received a query. The One. One of our submissions eds jumped on it immediately, started a line of communication, fell in love with the whole thing ... and the rest, as they say, is history.

So GH is VERY proud to introduce Will Herr, who writes gothic high fantasy of the darkest, saddest, gothic-iest type. Think girl who runs into the (live) mist, trying to escape a tragic engagement ... boy on a doomed mission to save his world ... paths that converge, epic battles, and a land ruled by mists, shadows, and magic. Dark? Yes. Romantic? Absolutely. Tragic? Uh-huh.

Happy ending? We're not promising anything.

Watch out for the first book in Will Herr's Broken Throne series, coming in 2015/2016! Follow him over on his FB page.

And stay tuned for more details! We MIGHT be dropping a sneak peek when we have one, and Will is already talking about joining in the August StoryTime event with a brand new novella.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Tuesday programming.

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