GHP Counts Down to Summer! - featuring George Ebey

The calendar may say April 3, but some of us live in places where it snows on April 3 (huge flakes coming down RIGHT NOW!), and all we can think of is the day we hop out of bed and don’t have to worry about GETTING WARM!

This is our third summertime interview with another of our authors, George Ebey, who has a dystopian story being published in the upcoming second edition of Brave New Girls, PLUS new novellas and potentially a full-length novel out this year from GH. He’s ready to spend the long days dressed in shorts and sandals, without having to worry about how cold it will get.

“Short nights. Long hikes. Campfires. Picnics. Sunshine. What's not to love?”

We asked him some of our standard questions to get a feel for what HE’LL be doing this summer!

What is the THE event of this summer that you’re most looking forward to?

My story in the next Brave New Girls anthology, out this August!

Brave New Girls is an anthology featuring girls who use their smarts to save the day. All proceeds go to a scholarship fund to help girls interested in pursuing a career in STEM. My story is set in a dystopian future where technology and science are shunned, and is about a girl who defies the rules to help cure a local plague.

Where do you live? Describe this winter in your area in three words.

Northeast Ohio. It was cold.

What do you hope to accomplish in your writing over the long summer days?

Finish editing Helen of Mars book 1 and finish writing first the draft for Helen of Mars book 2.

What trend or catch-phrase are you going to start this summer?

Dessert first.

What is the BEST summer story from when you were a kid?

Trips to the arcade to play Space Invaders, Pac Man, and whatever pinball machines they had.

What is the WORST summer story from when you were a kid?

Running out of quarters after about ten minutes of gameplay.

FOLLOW UP Q: If you were given unlimited quarters and a retro-arcade opened in your town … what would you do? Which game would you play first and for how long? Would this become your new writer's block?

I would walk in, close my eyes, and just bask in the joyful noise of the many blips, beeps, and buzzes that were chattering all around me. Then I'd take my unlimited quarter and probably hit up Pac Man at first, just to get warmed up. Then it would be on to Centipede, Zaxxon, Space Invaders, Q-Bert, Frogger, and whatever else they had. For sure each and every pinball machine would have to get a few rounds. Yeah, a place like that would be productivity kryptonite for me. I wouldn't get anything done.

Summer blockbuster you are most looking forward to watching and why:

The Dark Tower. Super curious to see how they’re going to pull that one off.

Rapid Fire Questions:

The All-Time Best Song of Summer is: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

Your Summer Guilty Pleasure: Catching fireflies at dusk.

Daylight Savings Time for Summer: yes or no? I’m cool with it.

Beach or Mountains? Beach!

Swimsuits: yes or no? Going to go with yes.

Sandals or Bare Feet? Bare feet in the house, sandals everywhere else.

Ice Cream or Popsicles? Can I have one of each?

Memorial Day or Independence Day? Independence Day, as long as the aliens stay away.

Put these words in order: Swimming, Baseball, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Air Conditioning, Vacation

Ice Cream, Vacation, Air Conditioning, Swimming, Hot Dogs, Baseball.

Sum up Summer 2017 in five words:
So long snow, hello sun.

Follow George Ebey on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to visit his website for more information about his upcoming books:

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