GHP Counts Down To Summer! - featuring Kristalyn Vetovich

Today may be the first day of spring, but here at GH we are ready to count down to SUMMER 2017! Spring really is just a layover before summer, after all. As a part of our countdown, we will be featuring interviews with our authors about what they are most looking forward to this summer.

First up is one of Glass House’s newest authors, Kristalyn Vetovich. Kristalyn has already told us that her favorite time of year is when the sun rises at 5:30am and sets at 8pm, so she seemed like the logical place to start. The longer days make her (and all of us) feel more energized and happy!

What is the THE event of this summer that you’re most looking forward to?

Going to Malawi and seeing if I'll survive the three-hundred-mile bike ride.

I'm doing the bike trek as a fundraiser for a group called Urban Promise, which supports kids in Malawi. We'll also get to hang out with some of the kids while we're there.

I haven't been on a bike since I was eight. I could never master the balance and steering, so I decided to just wait until I could drive. But I'm planning on conquering it by July so I can manage the full three hundred miles. I have a feeling I'll surprise myself!

KristaLyn's Go Fund Me page to donate to Urban Promise:

Where do you live? Describe this winter in your area in three words.

Central PA: Winter Storm Stella

What do you hope to accomplish in your writing over the long summer days?

I'm hoping to finish one manuscript and develop my outlining technique. I never thought I'd love outlining, but I totally do!

What trend or catch-phrase are you going to start this summer?

I'm probably the least trendy person you'll ever meet, but I'd love to make puns cool if I could!

What is the BEST summer story from when you were a kid?

Playing "I Spy" with my grandma and choosing a specific blade of grass as a charm to ensure my victory.

What is the WORST summer story from when you were a kid?

I am a bee magnet. They have a radar for me or something, and there were very few summers when I would escape without a bee sting. I was terrified of them. Still kind of am!

Summer Blockbuster you are most looking forward to watching and why:

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. I guess you could say I'm hooked on a feeling...

Rapid Fire Questions:

The All-Time Best Song of Summer is: Good to Be Alive by Andy Grammar

Your Summer Guilty Pleasure: Staying inside and watching TV... :)

Daylight Savings Time for Summer: yes or no?
Yes. Unpopular opinion, I know, but I have so much more energy when the sun is up. As soon as it gets dark, I start to crash. Winter is rough for me that way.

Beach or Mountains? Mountains!

Swimsuits: yes or no? If I'm swimming, absolutely.

Sandals or Bare Feet? Sneakers. I'm not a fan of feet.

Ice Cream or Popsicles? Ice cream! Mint chocolate chip for me!

Memorial Day or Independence Day? Independence Day.
Our town does a fireworks show that accidentally catches the mountain on fire almost every year. It's fantastic.

Put these words in order: Swimming, Baseball, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Air Conditioning, Vacation

Vacation, Swimming, Air Conditioning, Ice Cream, Hot Dogs, Baseball

Sum up Summer 2017 in five words: Warmer than winter, thank goodness!

To learn more about KristaLyn A Vetovich, visit her website at:

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KristaLyn's Go Fund Me page to donate to Urban Promise:

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