Our Greatest Fears: Halloween Countdown Celebration

October is a month full of beauty. It's also a month where people get the heck scared out of them in haunted houses and watching horror movies! Which makes it both fun ... and terrifying! To kick off our month-long Halloween celebration, the authors at Glass House Press have compiled a list of their biggest fears.

Grab your blankie, read on, and tell us what you think! Agree? Disagree? Think we're all big chickens?????

What is your biggest fear?

"Oh man, I have so many lol. I'll go with... Zombies, they might not be real (yet) but in a zombie apocalypse I would die right away. I scream my head off when playing zombie video games."

"My greatest fears stem from being trapped... being buried alive, being a victim of locked-in syndrome, being unable to escape a sinking car, etc. The idea of being confined and unable have even a fighting chance just terrifies me. A few years ago, I used to get sleep paralysis a lot, and it was the worst thing ever. I'd wind up in this semi-asleep, semi-awake state where I was still dreaming, but saw the dream superimposed on my real-world surroundings... my ceiling or my room or my window or something. And I'd try to move but just COULDN'T. Also, it felt like someone was performing CPR on me, pumping against my chest while I could do nothing to stop them. It was quite unpleasant.."

"Clowns and spiders. If you show me a spider with colorful clown marking on it, I'll achieve the eight-minute mile in the other direction."

Keep the conversation going! Leave a comment with your biggest fear. 

Next week, the Glass House Press authors will be going even further, and confessing their favorite scary book.

Happy Reading!

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