Top 7 End of Summer Activities

Monday is Labor Day in the States which means BBQ, fishing, recreation, and all the fun end of summer activities we try to mark off our bucket lists before we say hello to the fall.

The authors and editors at Glass House Press have compiled a list of the top end of summer activities they love. Sit back, sip some lemonade, and take notes.

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Top 7 End of Summer Activities
1. Camping
(Author Linda Foster's Favorite Thing)

S'mores, campfires, roasting hot dogs, sleeping under the stars, is there anything more awesome than camping? And BONUS, now that it isn't hardly as hot, you won't swelter! 

2. Switch to Hot Coffee
(Author Mary Fan's favorite)
Coffee... the 6th food group

During the summer, iced coffee is a must.When the summer starts to end, it is so nice to welcome hot coffee back into the mix. Pumpkin spice, anyone?

3. Kayaking
(where you will find Author Sonya Craig)
That's Sonya!

If you are any sort of a water person, kayaking is undoubtedly something you love. Whether it be a swift ride or a leisurely scenic tour, you can't go wrong wrapping up summer on the water.

4. Watch an Outdoor Movie
(Author PT McHugh has one at his house!)
Titanic under the stars?

This one takes a little bit of a set up, but the results are worth it. Can you imagine your very own private screening of the movie of your choice? Popcorn, drinks, candy, maybe some of that left over barbecue... it will be a night to remember.

5. Sailing/Boating
(Author Kimberly Michelle loves to sail)

Wind down summer with a peaceful sailboat ride. Enjoy swimming in the lake or having a sunset picnic. The day is yours. Embrace it!

6. Hike the Trails
(Author George Ebey loves to hike)
Into the woods

Feeling adventurous? End summer with a beautiful hike through the woods. The upside? The bugs won't be as bad, and, hopefully, it won't be as hot.

7. Go to the Beach
(Editor Jessica Gang loves the beach)
Can you hear the waves?

What better way to end the summer than going to the beach? Imagine the waves crashing around you or watching the sun over the ocean. Plan a day trip or stay a week and relax.

BONUS Activity: Read a Book ;)
Because it is always a good time to read :)

What are your favorite end of summer activities? 
What do you have planned this weekend?
Leave a comment with the activity you are most looking forward to doing this last hurrah of summer.

Until next Monday,

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