"Who is really the bad guy?" A Q and A with Unnatural Souls author Linda Foster

Show of hands... who LOVES supernatural shows? Was Buffy your girl in the 90s (or is she still at the top of your netflix watch list)? Do you sometimes feel the 'King of Hell' from Supernatural is a bit misunderstood? Have you watched Stranger Things yet?

If you answered yes to ANY of those questions, you are going to freak out and LOVE the new novella from Linda Foster called Unnatural Souls! We are incredibly lucky to have Linda here today, answering questions about writing, books, and the age old question, "Who is REALLY the bad guy?"

Linda Foster

1) What is it about the Realm of the Claimed series that you love? Which character is your favorite to write?
I love everything about the series. If I didn't I wouldn't write it right? :) I think what I enjoy best is writing characters who are outside the norm. My angels are super logical and not the loving creatures you expect. My demons are misunderstood souls who want to do some good. I honestly don't have a single favorite character to write. If you forced me to choose it would likely be Kali because her character is so complex.

2) When you are writing, what is your go-to snack?
Wow, that is a question I've certainly never been asked! I hate to disappoint but I never eat while writing. Mainly I forget to! I'm too lost in my worlds to think about food. My husband regularly has to call me to dinner multiple times. 

3) Do you have a favorite scene in Unnatural Souls? Can you give us a little snippet of it?
It's hard to pick just one. There are a few favorites. Most people have already gotten to read the one I picked in sneak peeks, but I just love the opening scene. The desperation, the imagery of a girl sitting in her bedroom thinking she has lost her mind. I adore it! 

I’m going crazy. 
There was no doubt in my mind of that simple and terrifying fact. And the situation I was facing right now only made me more positive. I dropped my pen and ducked out of the way as another book whizzed by my head, then jumped onto my bed and thrust my back against the wall, hugging my legs against myself. And for what felt like the thousandth time—that day—I prayed for it to stop.   Around me, books, papers, pillows, and my laptop were swirling through the room in a supernatural whirlwind. Which meant that my normally carefully organized pink and white room was now covered by the chaos of my other belongings. A place of calm and peace, turned to hell. Drawers were opening and closing, spitting out their contents and adding to the mess that flew around the place. They’d been doing it on and off all day. How everything was moving, I didn’t know … but this wasn’t the first time. Not by a long shot. I’d endured months of this torture.  If only the flying objects were my sole problem. But no, that would be too easy. I was also seeing people who weren’t there, moving places in the blink of an eye without meaning to, and having visions of events that later came true. Take your pick—I had somehow hit the mother lode of crazy jackpot.

4) Readers love angel/demon stories. Why do you think that is?
I think there are two major reasons. First, no one knows what happens after death. I think angel and demon stories let us explore the questions we don't have answers to. Second, it's also the ultimate good vs evil story. Heaven against Hell. It makes it an interesting subject that can be told in so many different ways. The challenge as an author, is adding twists to make yours really stand out!

5) Are you already working on the next book in the series? Can you tell us something about it?
We are working on both of the next two stories that are coming out this year, and working on the book coming out next year. There is no down time! The next two stories coming out this year will complete the backstory that leads up to the book from multiple views. You will get to see both the angels side - Michael the archangel who is plotting on stopping the King of Hell for good - and the demons side - Kali who is stuck between Heaven and Hell - that lead up to the book. It will leave you wondering who the real bad guys are, who the real good guys are and probably make you question just who it is you are rooting for.

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Love, hate, family loyalty, good vs evil... get Unnatural Souls today!

Happy Reading!

AUTHOR BIO: Linda Foster was born and raised in Colorado, where she still lives with her (very patient) husband and four (very spoiled) ferrets. Linda became an avid reading enthusiast the moment she picked up her first book, and has grown steadily worse. By the time she was 15 years old, her library had become too big for her shelves, and she was forced to donate all her books to the local school, just to make room for new ones. She started writing short novellas for her friends in middle school, and expanded into full-length novels several years later. Soul Bound is her first published novel. 
Find out more about Linda at: http://linda-foster.com/

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