Unnatural Souls-- Souls, Grace, and Irony

This week on the blog, we have an excerpt from UNNATURAL SOULS by the amazing Linda Foster! This is the prequel to FALLEN SOULS. Unnatural Souls has one of the prettiest covers ever

(I mean, right?)

Unnatural Souls comes out AUGUST 16th! You can get it on pre-order now OR you can go ahead and get Fallen Souls while you wait. 

Linda has a super busy week! She is on book tour with Unnatural Souls. For more information or to keep up with her tour, follow Glass House Press on Facebook and Twitter.


Wanna FREE excerpt? Here you go! Be sure to stay tuned for updates on Linda's tour on Twitter and Facebook. You never know where we will end up.

Now a normal person would just think, Hey, someone’s walking behind me. But I wasn’t normal anymore. Nearly a year of paranoia kicked in, my heart rate spiked, and I took off running. I didn’t understand it, but something inside me knew I should run from the unknown person following me.
Paranoia was right. The footsteps quickened with mine, closing in on me, and then I saw another flutter to my right—just as the last rays of the sun disappeared. The shadow picked up speed, then disappeared into the darkness of nightfall. It was gone.
I let out a yelp when the mystery person dashed directly into my path and cut me off. He—it?—came to a sudden stop, but I kept running toward it at full speed, my brain not realizing what had happened. I was about to collide with it. It, because it definitely wasn’t human. This wasn’t a person. People didn’t blend into the night, and they didn’t move this quickly either. Fear gripped me, and my breath trapped in my lungs as I screeched to a halt, catching the toe of my shoe on a crack. I fell to my knees, hitting the ground hard, and the force of it rocketed through me. My hands shot out and scraped across the cement, my left wrist twisting painfully.
But I kept my eyes down, knowing that I didn’t want to see what was in front of me. I had a bad feeling in my stomach that I couldn’t explain … but then I realized that staring at the ground wouldn’t make it go away. So I lifted my head. And when I looked up, I swear my heart stopped.
A scream caught in my lungs. Red eyes. 
Not a ghost. A woman with bright crimson eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth was standing in front of me, grinning horribly. Oh, Grace, please don’t pass out. Because I wanted to. I could feel the numbness, the lightness in my head as it began to grow heavy. A demon. I could live millions of years, and I would never be able to wipe the red eyes from my mind. Because they were the same eyes that had stared my brother down nearly a year before.

What horrific irony. Ash had sold his soul to a demon to save me, and here I was, about to be killed by a demon myself. 

We are so excited for this book! 
Leave a comment and tell us in the fight of angels and demons, which side are you on? Hmmm... #TeamAngel #TeamDemon #WhoWillWin

That's it for this week. See you next Monday. Happy book release, Linda! {8/9/2016}


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