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Happy Friday, guys and dolls, and hope everyone is doing wonderfully. We have June Gloom here in San Diego, which means ... well that we've got clouds and rain, my hair is a frizzy mess, and there are NO FIRES. Which makes me very happy.

In more publishing-oriented news, we're incredibly excited--and a little bit starry-eyed--to announce that we have a brand new story coming from the brilliant Tash McAdam this month, on the 23rd. Blood in the Water is our first release with LGBTQ characters, and we couldn't be more excited (am I using that word too much?) about it. This is also the starting point of Tash's second series with Glass House--Warp Weavers, an urban fantasy with magick, alternative universes, rips in time, monsters, wizards, magic hands ...

But I digress. Back on topic, Carrie. Yes, the point is, NEW RELEASE COMING SOON! Which means of course cover reveals and blog tours and all the good things. Our cover reveal for Blood in the Water is taking place on June 19th, and we've got plenty of spaces open for bloggers who want to take part. We also have a blog tour running from June 21st to the 25th, and anyone who's interviewed Tash knows that she's a blast to have on. Email us at sales@glasshousepress.com if you want to come on board, and keep in mind that we're ALSO doing a release for Mary Fan in July, and another release for Tash in August. So much to do, so much to do.

And as usual, I'm running late. So I'll bring this to a close, and count on you to get in touch with us. Happy June, people!

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