An update on StoryTime

Great news, Glass Housers!
We're almost halfway through 2015 (gasp, how did that happen???), and we've been doing an awful lot of thinking about our 2015 lineup. This year … well, hasn't exactly gone the way we thought it would. Then again, when DO things go the way we plan? But we're determined to make it the best GH year ever, so we're taking our lemons and making some lemonade. First off, we've decided to give StoryTime a whole new look. In this new and improved StoryTime, we're moving from doing an annual or biannual event—with lots of authors involved—to doing a separate event for each novella and author. We're hoping that this will let each story shine on its own. Of course it will also put the authors out onto tours by themselves, which means you can pepper them with all your questions, and hear all about their journeys into publication! 
We can’t wait to get started! Look for our first StoryTime shorts and novellas to release soon … with the first coming as soon as June.

But that’s not all.

For the first time, we will also be rolling out StoryTime anthologies—snazzy hardbacks with novella collections from all your favorite authors! We’re eagerly anticipating our first anthology in the spring of 2016, with work from Linda Foster, Tash McAdam, Mary Fan, Brooke Three Eagles, Mimi Anna Renee, and George Ebey, plus a bonus bestselling author. These anthologies will include work from past StoryTimes, bringing together Glass House’s best-of-the-best. And we get hardbacks. I mean, who doesn't love hardbacks?

Here’s to a shiny and new StoryTime future, just in time for spring!

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