New series by Mary Fan - Fated Stars

Happy March, world! Hope you're all staying warm and safe out there. San Diego just got THE ENTIRE WINTER in the space of about two days, so we're shivering with cold and soaking wet over here. 

Yes I know, the rest of you have snow. And we're spoiled. And it's stupid to be crying about rain when we were in a drought in the middle of freaking winter. But still. It was cold. And there were crashes on the highways. And our streets became lakes and rivers.

So. On to more important (and interesting) stuff. On Friday, Glass House made a really big announcement about a new series coming this winter -- Fated Stars by Mary Fan. We're SUPER excited about this series, because 1. it's about nymphs and mermaids and a really REALLY tragic love story, and 2. we're doing it in a whole new way. No I'm not going to tell you what that is -- and you should know better than to ask! -- but trust me when I say it's going to be legen- (wait for it) -dary. We're hoping (though we're not sure) that this will be the wave of the future for GH, so of course we're all waiting with breath that is baited.

But back to Mary! We'll be starting with a new novella from her in August (Tell Me My Name, StoryTime, August 5, 2015), and then jumping right into the first book of the series in December (Fated Stars Part I: Windborn, December 29, 2015). Rumor has it that the back cover copy for Windborn is under construction, and that a cover for the novella is already floating around ... but we're not confirming anything!

In other news, StoryTime is coming, StoryTime is coming! April 1 marks Glass House's first StoryTime event, with releases from Mary Fan, Linda Foster, and PT McHugh. We're going to have sneak peeks from those novellas THIS WEEK, so make sure you stay tuned to catch them!

And now, back to crying about the rain...

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