StoryTime Party Sign-up

Happy Friday, guys! Is it just me, or is February going WAY TOO FAST?? We can't believe it's almost the end of the month already, b/c that means that ... gah ... pretty soon we have to get those novellas into formatting and design for StoryTime. Which means, of course, that it's time to start setting up The Big Party. As you know (maybe ... actually, do you?), we're doing a FB party, release day blitz, review blitz, and reveals for the StoryTime event on April 1, along with giveaways, reviews, and the whole shebang. We'll also be doing cover reveals for A Rebel's Stone (PT McHugh, spring 2015) and Soul Bound (Linda Foster, spring 2015), as fun extras. 

So. Right to the point, then, since this is getting very ramble-y. BELOW, we have links to sign up for all that fun stuff! Get on board for the blitz, review goodies, and cover reveals, and get your blog on our official lists. If you want to do the reveals, email us at for the goods. April 1 is going to be a big, fun time, and we definitely want all of our friends involved! We're also going to be doing some very special stuff with SDDAS Spirit Fund of San Diego, so stay tuned for updates about the dogs and how we want to help!

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