GHP Counts Down to Summer! - featuring Linda Foster

Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, is just a few weeks away, and we can’t wait! Summer means family vacations, camping, and toasting marshmallows (or burning them)-and our next author has a little story of her own about those yummy, puffy, pillows of goo!

Linda Foster loves summer because her work ends for the year (she works at a school, which means she gets summer break!)  and gets to write all she wants, hang out with family, and sleep in! (But she does admit that she looks forward to fall football and milder weather, too. Just for the record. Partially because she’s obsessed with the Green Bay Packers.)

Read on to find out about her best (and worst) summer memories and what she’s looking forward to this summer!

What is the THE event that you’re most looking forward to this summer?

I only have one thing I REALLY look forward to every summer and that is my sister, niece, and nephew coming down from Canada! I spend all July with them, and it’s the only time I see them all year, so we make up a year’s worth of activities in one month. We have Christmas in July, celebrate birthdays, and cram in every fun activity we have spent all year planning. It’s the best!

Where do you live? Describe this winter in your area in three words.

I live in Colorado. My three words to describe THIS particular winter would be … sunny, unpredictable, and warm. Colorado hasn’t had this little snow in a very, very long time. I would never have described a Colorado winter with those words. Climate change, indeed.

What do you hope to accomplish in your writing over the long summer days?

I work at a school so summer is my time away from work, and even with my family coming into town this is when I have the most time to write. I hope to finish up edits on Abandoned Angel and Fallen Reclaimed, my last two shorts that lead up to Soul Bound. I hope to have Soul Bound to my editor by the end of summer as well! I have a lot planned.

What trend or catch-phrase are you going to start this summer?

The trend of not wearing a uniform for two whole months!

What is the BEST summer story from when you were a kid?

I spent all my summers in Wisconsin when I was a kid. Honestly they were all pretty fun. Camping, fireworks (not allowed in Colorado), going to the bait shop for ice cream... At some point every summer I would have one major injury, which is funny to look back at now. One year we were camping and roasting marshmallows, and my cousin’s caught on fire and he started flailing wildly in an attempt to put it out. Instead it flew off the stick, landing on my hand while it was still on fire! We were at a campground so I ran around looking for water, desperately trying to peal the crisp, still hot goo from my fingers. I have scars across three fingers. I know it’s not what most people think of as the topic for a BEST story, but it’s pretty humorous now that I’m older. Then there was the year the horse bit my butt…  

What is the WORST summer story from when you were a kid?

I was bit by a tiny little dog right below my eye and had a ton of stitches. I still have that scar, too.

Summer blockbuster you are most looking forward to watching and why:

Thor. I love superhero stuff. Always excited to have another movie in a series.

Rapid Fire Questions:

The All-Time Best Song of Summer is: Walkin’ on the Sun by Smashmouth

Your Summer Guilty Pleasure: Mocha ice cream

Daylight Savings Time for Summer: yes or no? No. I dislike daylight savings time very much.

Beach or Mountains? Mountains! But I wish I could have both.

Swimsuits: yes or no? No.

Sandals or Bare Feet? Bare Feet, sandals aren’t comfortable at all.

Ice Cream or Popsicles? Ice Cream

Memorial Day or Independence Day? Independence Day

Put these words in order: Swimming, Baseball, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Air Conditioning, Vacation

Vacation, Ice Cream, Air Conditioning, Hot Dogs, Swimming then Baseball.

Sum up Summer 2017 in five words: Relaxing, Sunny, Family, Writing, and Fun

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