Right, so we're ending the second week of this gig, and we have to say--we're pretty stinking proud of our authors at this point. Last week we started an Inauguration Blitz—not annual, since this only happens once every four to eight years! Our … once-every-four-to-eight-years Inauguration Blitz, then. And this week we're finishing up, since we had so many authors involved that we couldn't fit them all in. We're focusing on government, how the country was born, presidential and congressional behavior and ethics, and—most importantly—the idea of revolution. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some of our favorite revolutionary characters for some down-and-dirty answers about their fights, who they’re fighting against, and when they know it's time to stand up and fight for the right side.

This week, we're focusing on some of our newer authors--and their main characters, who are fighting for their right to survive. Next up is JD Wilcox, who writes hard sci fi and space operas (as well as fairy tales, if the rumors are to be believed!), and his first book features a space mission gone ... well, wrong. We took a moment to interview his main character about her world, the situation, and how she's fighting to stand up and take control.

1.     So first, the obvious. Tell us about your world. Where do you live? What’s the story there? 

Well, I don’t live on a world. I hope to one day, I think. I live on Endeavor, an interstellar colonial transport. Or what’s left of it. We were only one year from our destination when everything went wrong.

2.    Got it. And now, the bad guy. Who are you fighting against? And why? 

I … don’t know. We don’t know what happened. We’re trying to figure that out. But right now, our first priority is finding a way to survive. Whatever it takes.

3.    So your fight is a completely different one, then. And it sounds like someone who was supposed to take care of you left you in a bad way. What’s going on there?  

My mom was our captain, and my whole life's been spent in her shadow. But she died with the rest of the adults. And now, with everything that’s happened … I'm realizing I’m not ready for this. I might have thought I was, but I was definitely wrong. Everything’s going sideways, and I don’t know what to do about it. Do I trust my older brother, even if I think what he's doing is wrong? What if it means watching my friends die? How can I live with myself if I stand by for that?

4.    Ouch. So what’s your biggest fight right now? 

 We have to live. The few of us that are left have to survive. Whatever it takes, I have to be capable of doing it. Even if it means standing up to my commander. Even if it means alienating the others.

5.    Do you think you’ll succeed? 

I hope so. I think my brother’s strong enough to lead us.

6.    Sounds like you’ve got a fight on your hands. And that the fight might set you up against members of your crew. How do you know you’re doing the right thing?  

When I feel lighter, when my chest flutters like it’s in the vacuum of space, I think I’m doing what’s right. But how do I know my reality isn’t wrong? My brother would never intentionally lead us into danger. And if he made a mistake, and I said so, would the others even believe me? I wish I knew.

7.    Final question. What do you think of being a heroine rather than a hero? Does it matter? Can a girl be just as revolutionary as a boy? 

Yes. Of course! It doesn’t matter if she’s a girl. My mom was captain of the most ambitious undertaking in the history of humankind. Everyone loved her. Didn’t they?

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