All We Want For Christmas-- The Dreamer Edition


Let's face it--being an adult is hard. You have to worry about bills, making lists and actually completing the tasks on them, wearing real pants... AND, during this time of year, you have to reach way back into your mind palace and try desperately to remember what your Great Aunt Doris likes (cause if you don't she will give you the evil eye at every family gathering from now until the end of eternity #TheStruggleIsReal).

But that doesn't even scratch the surface, b/c there's a more important question to be asking yourself. W
hat about you? Yes, YOU, dear reader. What do you want Santa to bring you? Because even if we're playing adults, we still all have secret Christmas lists on the mind!

This is the question we posed to the GHP authors and staff ... with ONE stipulation. The wish/want had to be BIG! Oh, and it had to be tangible. Sort of.

Mary Fan (GHP Author)

"An all-expenses paid week-long retreat to a cabin in the woods by a lake... with food already stocked... and no wifi to distract me. And by food, I mean chocolate, wine, popcorn, and beer. And maybe a few nutritious things too so I don't die of malnutrition." (For the record, this answer basically won. We all voted that we wanted to join her.)

Linda Foster (GHP Author)

"New couches. Sorry I'm being practical lol."

George Ebey (GHP Author)

"Tickets to see this. I'm sure I'll see it before Christmas but tickets to see it again wouldn't hurt."

R.K. Brainerd (GHP Author)
"Mary stole mine! But my retreat needs to be at a castle in Ireland or that glass igloo where you can watch the northern lights.

... Or to be original, 1000 acres of free protected forest land with farming land connected to it that I can protect forever and ever and have goats (on the farming land, obviously)."

Kimberly Mitchell  (GHP Author)
"A new president elect, and an around the world ticket and a year to travel."

J. David Wilcox (GHP Author)
"Can I take a knee that can play soccer without pain? If not, I'll take a snowboarding vacation at some swanky cabin with all my adult friends. Sorry kiddos! Third option: fully equipped Tesla model X."

Ula (GHP Staff)
"A gigantic meteor."

Lindsay Graham (GHP Staff)

"There's too many things on my list that I believe Santa can't deliver."

Carrie White-Parrish (GHP Staff)
"Boxing gloves... And I'm adding to my wish because obviously I didn't ask for a big enough thing. Additions: a new horse. And a 2016 Austin Martin Vanquish in red."

Richard Schall  (GHP Author)
"I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!"

Shanna Alderliesten (GHP Staff)
"Free wifi? I haven't had wifi since August and it's getting on my nerves because I'm running out of hotspot at the most inconvenient times." 

Sonya Craig (GHP Author)
"Cars for my girls, used but ones they like. Theirs are beat up pretty bad. And for universities to have more affordable tuition."

Kelly Martin (GHP Staff)
"I want a box that every time you open it, there is a thousand dollars inside... and you can open it as many times as you want a day... AND (unlike the Monkey Claw movie or THE BOX movie) no one dies or gets hurt because of my magical money box. I'll take it in red, please. ;)"

So what about you, readers? What big cool thing would you LOVE to have for the holidays? Think outside the box (so to speak) and leave a comment! We can't promise that we'll be delivering anything come Christmas ... but you never know!

ALSO, in case you haven't heard, Glass House Press is playing Santa this year! We're partnering with White Rabbit Book Design (@whiterabbitbookdesign) Inkstain Interior Book Designing (@InkstainInteriorBookDesigning), and Eleven&Co (@Elevenandcompany) for #GHPitch, a pitch party/contest/all-around awesome party this holiday season! For more details, click HERE.

Love, the Glass House fam

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