A Look Ahead at the rest of 2016...

And oh my goodness, how terrifying is it that I’m already saying that? Where did this year go????

Now that we’re finished with Spring StoryTime—and what a party it was!—it’s time to start thinking about what else we’re doing for Glass House Summer Reads, and fall releases. So, without further ado, here’s a list of what we have coming out:

August 9: Unnatural Souls by Linda Foster—a Realm of the Claimed prequel.

August: Book of Seidr by B3E, a prequel to the No Man’s Land series.

October 11: Autumn StoryTime! This one will feature stories from new authors Richard Schall (TruthSeeker) and Sonya Craig (Cascade Reaction), plus another installment from Linda Foster, with her second Realm of the Claimed prequel, Abandoned Angel. This StoryTime could also feature another story from B3E—though we haven’t seen it … yet!

November 29: We’ll be releasing Linda’s third installment for the year—phew!—which is a yet-to-be-named Realm of the Claimed prequel, and the third in that mini-series.

Don't forget to check out DEBBI by George Ebey and LET ME FLY FREE by Mary Fan -- both are available now!

I THINK that wraps 2016 up, and will bring us to a total of seven book for the year—a GH record! In 2017, look for new books from PT McHugh, B3E, Mary Fan, Linda Foster, Sonya Craig, and George Ebey—to start! We’re over the moon … and more than a little scared … at the publishing schedule coming up, but we can’t wait to share these amazing stories with you, and hear your thoughts!

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