Interview with Carrie White-Parrish

A couple months ago, we had our new authors answer some questions so y'all could get to know them better, and those interviews were so much fun and so popular! Naturally, we couldn't stop there! Out authors and some of the staff have turned the tables on our fearless leader, Carrie White-Parrish, and have compiled some really funny and crazy questions for her to answer. Don't say we didn't warn you...

What am I thinking of right now? 
That really depends on who this is. If you’re Mary, you’re thinking about fonts. Possibly Star Wars. If you’re Linda, you’re thinking about dying your hair a new color. Patrick: how will the NFL make fun of Tom Brady this year. Brooke: I probably don’t want to know what you’re thinking, b/c it will probably scare me. Richard: how am I going to take over the world today? Sonya: I honestly don’t know yet. Lol. George: if I were in your house, all I would really be thinking about was eating cake pops. Like all the time.

The answer is 42. What the heck is the ultimate life question that’s driving me crazy!? 
How many pairs of shoes are appropriate in a girl’s closet.

Your rejected Snow White dwarf name would be…? 
Can’t Sit Still To Save Her Life

You find a magic lamp and rub it. Out pops a genie. There’s only one problem – the genie is defective. You make your wish and it goes horribly wrong. What is your wish and how did it go wrong? 
My wish was probably for a week off. And then I probably ended up stranded on an island with authors who wanted to pitch me their ideas.

Over or under? 

There are so many important questions I would like to ask: the meaning of life, what you think about life after death, whether or not the Cubs will ever win another World Series ring. But after much soul searching I have arrived to my question -- if you had to be one of the Golden Girls, who would you be and why? 
Betty White. Do I actually have to bother with the why part of this question?

If you were stranded on a desert island and a lone crate floated to shore, what would you hope it contained? 
Books. Duh. Possibly wine.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? 
People who don’t answer my emails (says publisher Carrie) In real life … I honestly can’t think of one. Which seems horribly boring.

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