Glass House Update: Schedule and stuff, by Carrie White-Parrish

Yipes! Why is it that you think you have everything under control, you’ve got the holidays finished and paid for, you’ve got your list of New Year’s resolutions, you’ve got the new website up and running, and you think everything is Going.To.Be.Okay…

And then you look at the schedule. And the world falls out from under your feet. Not that this happens to me on a regular basis or anything like that. But we all know that I’m HABITUALLY overbooking myself.

But! All that aside, I’ve been asked to share a list of things that we have coming up, and I know we already have them on the social media, so heeeeere we go. Glass House Events.

This week, I—Carrie White-Parrish, Editorial Director and Publisher—am so extremely pleased and honored to be serving as a judge on the MG and YA panels for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, run by the Writopia Lab. This is the second time I’ve been a judge for this contest, and it’s always SUCH an amazing time. The contest focuses on fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from middle school- and high-school-age kids, and seriously … the writing is fantastic. Every year I want to email the coordinator and say “You know, about that story that I read… could I have the contact info for the author? I want to sign it.” I love being a part of a project like this, because it gives me insight into what even younger people are writing—rather than reading—and how talented they are. These are the authors of the future, and I couldn’t be happier about being involved. Side note: I usually recommend that every story I read win the top award. I have trouble not loving them.

Next: Really excited to be involved in another project, which includes teams of mentors working with writers to brainstorm, edit, build brand, and figure out how to find things like agents and publishers. I don’t think we’re releasing all the information on this quite yet, but I can give you the hashtag for it: #FicFest. It’s happening this spring, and is the first time I’ve served as an official ‘mentor’ for anyone. I’m both excited and overwhelmed, and kind of nervous! I’ll release more information—and start taking names of authors who would like to get involved—as soon as I get the thumbs up. If you’ve always wanted to work with professional editors, authors, and publishers, but didn’t know how to do it … this is your chance.

A Rebel’s Stone by PT McHugh
Flynn Nightsider and the Edge of Evil by Mary FanNext: A few months ago, Glass House was asked to be part of a new Twitter movement, and we agreed, thinking—probably—“this is months from now, we’ll have time to plan before it gets here.” Of course we then forgot about it completely. And now … it’s here, and we have to get ready. The event is #Pit2Pub, where authors can tweet their pitches straight to the publishers of their choice, and it turns out that we’re REALLY excited about it. Of course we’re not supposed to be taking submissions—but we weren’t supposed to be taking submissions in December, either, and we still took part in the #pitmad then (and signed a couple of authors, announcements to come!). We’ll have more information on the #Pit2Pub event as we have it, but right now I know that it’s happening on February 3, and that we’re looking for YA, NA, and MG, with pirates, space operas, and dragons being our goal for this event. So authors, if you have pitches, SEND THEM TO US. We guarantee that we’ll read everything and give feedback on all pitches, with love to the authors who send them. (We might even incorporate some sort of giveaway for authors who tweet us. But I haven’t talked to anyone about that yet, so…)

Next: NEW STORYTIME EVENT. And we’re over the moon about this one. We have stories coming from Mary Fan, Linda Foster, B3E, George Ebey, and new author Shawna Railey, so this is going to be a big event. It’s happening sometime in April, and we’ll have more details about the specific date, how to get involved, and whether we’re adding anyone else as the time approaches. We’ll also be doing a BIG cover reveal and blog tour, so email us if you’re interested!

And finally, we’re getting closer and closer to revealing pub dates for PT McHugh’s A Rebel’s Stone and Mary Fan’s Flynn Nightsider and the Edge of Evil, coming this summer/fall. Does anyone else feel like we’ve been waiting for these books FOREVER???? Stay tuned for cover reveals, blog tour information, goodies, and the Big News we’ve been holding onto for years about these books!

Signing out now, happy Monday Glass Housers!

Carrie White-Parrish is a dreamer, a rebel, and an admitted bibliophile. She started Glass House Press—her second company—when she ran across a manuscript that deserved to be published, and hasn’t looked back. Though her tastes run from MG to historical fiction to high fantasy and back, her heart truly belongs to YA. When she’s not editing or publishing, you can find her taking over the world, hanging out with her many spoiled pets, or traveling the world with her beloved husband.

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