Dear Santa, ... Love, Glass House

Hello, Glass Housers, and happy almost-Christmas! We don't know about you, but our heads are about to spin off our necks at the thought that Christmas is here and the year is ALMOST OVER. The publishing industry is infamous for being full of procrastinators and over-optimists, so, like all good publishing houses, we have left Too Many Things for the last minute AND seen that we have three weeks left of the year, so decided to do Lots More Things During That Time. But a few of us sat down--at our social media coordinator's request--and shared our wishes for Christmas. Enjoy, and don't forget to enter the contest!

Lock In by John Scalzi
George Ebey, author of the forthcoming Legend of the Phoenix (Phoenix Saga seriesand novella DEBBI (Rovers of Mars series
Okay, Santa. The book I'd like to find under the tree this year is Lock In by John Scalzi. I’m just a huge fan of his. After discovering his groundbreaking Old Man's War, and his Hugo-winning Redshirts, I can’t wait to read more of his work. Thanks, Santa! And I promise, the milk and cookies will be waiting for you as usual.

Carrie White-Parish, CEO of Glass House Press, editor and publisher
Dear Santa, what I REALLY REALLY want is the box set of Oz books by Frank Baum, from B&N. I saw it a couple years ago and completely fell in love with it, but have yet to receive. The Oz series is one of my favorites, and though I've never read the entire set of books, I can just imagine that this would be perfect this winter, with a fireplace, a (couple of) pots of coffee, and the new slippers I'm also asking for...

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Dear Santa, I have never read the Divergent series and would love the whole set under my Christmas tree. On second thought, maybe leave them on the table... My ferrets tend to unwrap anything under the tree, and now that they've teamed up with the dog I'm afraid I would end up with confetti by morning. 
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling
Dear Santa, what I would like the most for Christmas is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Illustrated Edition, as I just bought it for my favorite kid in the world and ALMOST didn't send it because I want it so badly. I dream of the day it will be in my hands and mine, and I can gaze at every beautiful, magical picture to my heart's content.

Lindsay Graham, publishing assistant at Glass House Press
Dear Santa, what I would love to find under my measly 3-foot-tall tree this year would be the original manuscript of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Thanks, big guy!
Dear Santa: There are many books I want, but I make enough to buy them all myself, so please tell your elves that they needn't worry about me. Instead, please send books to the kids who don't have enough. And send me their names and addresses (if their parents are okay with it!) so I can mail them all a copy of Brave New Girls.
*note from the publisher: Mary's request made us all feel VERY BAD ABOUT OURSELVES, b/c we didn't think of it first.

Jessica Gang, assistant editor at Glass House Press
Dear Santa: I would love a gift card to Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. Oh, and a babysitter for my kids, so I can buy a coffee and spend an afternoon perusing the aisles of a bookstore in peace. Something I haven't had the luxury of doing in years. Thanks, buddy!

Mimi Anna RenĂ©e, author of forthcoming Crimson series
Dear Santa, I do not celebrate Christmas and I am generally a huge sinner, but I would really appreciate if you gave me all of the issues of Ms Marvel. No, not Carol--I was talking about Kamala Khan. I'd also love the latest Captain Britain comics that feature Faiza as Captain Britain, the entire Umineko manga box set, and some Vocaloid nendroids, specifically the Kagamines. Some coupons for Amazon, MPH, Kinokuniya, or any bookstore really, would be nice, too. You don't have to give me everything on this list, but it would be very kind of you if you did. I can't promise I will be good in return for the gifts. However, you will receive something priceless and irreplaceable: my love. And I might leave out some kuih (Malay sweets) for you if I remember. Love, Mimi 


We haven't forgotten you, either, readers! We are giving away some of our own goodies as well as a big fat bookish prize (in case Santa messes up with the gifts this year). A few steps and one of the prizes can be yours! 

We are giving away:
❄️ Main prize: one (1) winner will get a $25 Barnes&Noble card (US only)
❄️ Second place prize: one (1) winner will get a set of Glass House novellas (Firedragon by Mary Fan, Firedragon Rising by Mary Fan, Tell Me My Name by Mary Fan, Fallen Souls by Linda Foster, SLAM by Tash McAdam, and Blood in the Water by Tash McAdam) (INT)
❄️ Third place prize: one (1) winner will get to pick three of the Glass House novellas (Firedragon by Mary Fan, Firedragon Rising by Mary Fan, Tell Me My Name by Mary Fan, Fallen Souls by Linda Foster, SLAM by Tash McAdam & Blood in the Water by Tash McAdam) (INT)

Good luck, and happy holidays!

No purchase necessary to win. To enter, you must be 18 or older, or have your guardian's permission. The winners will be randomly chosen and announced by Rafflecopter as well as via email. Please make sure you provide a correct email so we can contact you. Winners have 48 hours to respond or we pick another winner. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone not complying to rules and requirements of this giveaway. Void where prohibited by law.

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