Excerpt: Book of Seidr by B. Three Eagles

     Still, it made her sad to think of Cayden being so alone. She was an old woman, after all. What would happen to her granddaughter when she died? Who would she talk to? What would she…
     Eira’s gut clenched into a hard knot. She pitched forward as a burst of painful realization exploded through her head like a spike being drive into her skull. Her ears hummed—an electrical reverberation blocking out all other sounds—a cackling crackle of gleeful, sinister laughter—  
     “Gramma!? Are you okay!?” Eira heard Cayden cry out, vague and distorted.
     She couldn’t respond. Her body was quaking. She clutched at the table, trying to steady herself, as one thought—one undeniable truth—echoed within her mind like lightning, striking her over and over.
     ‘I am going to die…’ 

B. Three Eagles is a long time doodler, freelance designer and artist. She comes from a mixed background of Native American and Gaelic cultures, both of which are celebrated in her daily life. Since childhood, B. has kept journals of random daydreams and short stories, but didn't officially delve into the world of writing (you know, for other people) until the summer of 2010.
She currently lives in the foothills of the Ozarks mountain range with her husband and daughter.
Her debut novella, Book of Seidr is set to be released in 2015 as an introductory prelude to the first novel of the series, Lady Valkyrie n Element Alive series.  

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