StoryTime is here!

HAPPY STORYTIME!!!!! Oh my goodness we're so excited about this whole thing, but ... well, like anything new, it's not coming off without a hitch. *embarrassed cough* *accusing looks at certain parties*.

So here are the deets. The Firedragon by Mary Fan and Fallen Souls by Linda Foster -- our first StoryTime stories! -- are officially released today. Happy book birthdays, guys! We're doing all the stuff -- review blitz, release day blitz, FaceBook party, you name it. Problem is ... everyone forgot to tell Amazon/B&N/etc. The eretailers and our distributor had a huge breakdown in communication, which we just found out about yesterday. Which means, of course that we're having this big party without any books. Yet.

THE GOOD NEWS is that we're working on it. Both books are available on Amazon for pre-order (with a phony release date), and they should be going up on B&N, etc. before the day is out. UNTIL THEN. Everybody enjoy the party, email us for information or if you want review copies, and stay tuned for our FB party on Thursday. If certain parties (*more accusing looks*) can get their act together in time, we'll have the books out then.

And second post of the day, which is part of Glass House's new agreement with SDDAS Spirit Fund. We already told you that all StoryTime proceeds are going to be going to SDDAS to provide medical help for shelter animals. What we DIDN'T tell you is that Glass House is going to be highlighting and sponsoring certain dogs each month, with blogs, photos, details, personal stories ... Well, we're all super excited about it, and now it's time for our first post.

Tara (shelter ID# A1570560) is an American Staffordshire Terrier blend, and we're just mad about her. She's about three years old.

On January 19, 2014, Tara came to the shelter very frightened as a stray. Shelter staff and volunteers have worked hard with her, and she's doing great, but she wants a home! She likes to run around and play fetch, but also enjoys putting her head and paws in your lap for some love and affection. Tara likes to snuggle tightly next to her person and lean in for hugs and kisses. She is a sweetheart. Tara would like to meet any dogs currently living in her potential new home, just to make sure it is a good match.

Come down to the San Diego Department of Animal Services at 5480 Gaines Street, San Diego, CA 92110. They're open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30am to 5:30pm, and love to talk about the dogs and potential homes. Tara’s $35 adoption fee includes her spay surgery, vaccination, microchipping, licensing, and a free vet exam. If you need more information, such as a map or driving directions, please visit

This girl is such a big love. We really want to find her a home! Attached are some pictures for your perusal. Do a good deed today and spread the word in honor of StoryTime!

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